Please feel welcome to purchase these directly, or to ask us to buy them for you. We have Amazon Prime — for free shipping on many items — and on other items we might buy more than one. In this way, we can save some or all of the costs of shipping.

Chairs, plastic, sturdy, lightweight, stackable, or lightweight folding (must be for indoors and outdoors)
We urgently need chairs for playing outdoors, but I am not yet sure what kind, or where to get them. I will ask our club members in the next email.

Drawstring Chess Set Combination with Silicone Chess Board and Triple Weighed Pieces

IMPERFECT Wood Chess Board (discounted for this slight imperfection) Mahogany & Maple Wooden Tournament Chess Board – 2.25 Squares | House Of Staunton

IMPERFECT – Wood Chess Board (discounted for this slight imperfection)Blackwood & Olivewood Classic Traditional Wooden Chess Board – 2.25 Squares | House Of Staunton

Tables, folding
Budget Folding Card Table (at Amazon.com)

The DGT Smart Board Electronic Chess Board (budget version with a plastic board)

Other Electronic Chess Boards