1. Free Lessons at the Club. At the Ithaca Chess Club, every Sunday, NM Mike Pastore gives a free chess lesson which is optional: you can join the lesson or keep playing your chess games. The lesson runs from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m., and begins with questions from the club members. After that we work on one and more of these: tactics; how to find good moves; endgames; openings; and chess strategy themes as explained in Judit Polgar’s book Master Your Chess with Judit Polgar, and other top chess books.
  2. Free Zoom Class Online. Starting this Winter, Mike will offer free online Zoom classes about chess and creativity.
  3. Paid Private Chess Lessons.
    • Lessons for All. Lessons are for children and for adults, and all skill levels.
    • Customized. Lessons are never pre-fabricated: they are always customized and personalized to meet the interests and needs of the students.
    • Learning is fun. Students learn whenever learning is fun and interesting, and when the challenges are just the right amount: not too simple and not too difficult.
    • No weaknesses. Students will be trained to be “complete players”, which means players who have a deep understanding of every essential aspect of chess.
    • Creativity. The full name of our chess club is: “The Ithaca Chess Club and Creativity Center.” … A very small yet essential part of each lesson is a dab of creativity enhancement. For example, we might read a short poem, discuss a math problem, learn some words of a foreign language, do concentration and visualization exercises, and more.
    • Rates … TBA